Susie's Nature Bars

I realized that it was hard to find a granola bar that was healthy, without hydrogenated fats, fruits treated with sulfur dioxide, preservatives and a whole bunch of ingredients I couldn't pronounce.  I set out to create a healthy granola bar.........Hence.... Susie's Original Nature Bar was born.  I knocked on doors and handed out Susie's Nature Bars to every business I thought could benefit from them....and guess what?  They loved them!  With 14 types of nature bars and 15 years later....we are still going strong and loved by many.

The only sweetener I use is local HONEY, the most long standing, healthy sweetener in the world.   I use organic and natural ingredients that you can pronounce, packaged in a clear wrapper so you can see what you're going to eat......and.....Susie's Nature Bars are NEVER baked.

I make your nature bars when you order them......nothing sits around here!  That may be the reason they taste so FRESH.....because they are!  They are made by hand by me, Susie.

You will find Susie's Nature Bars in health food stores, fitness centers, coffee shops, hospital gift shops, even gas stations!  Check out the "Locations" tab above for a retailer near you.

If you have tried my nature bars many times before, I sincerely THANK YOU for your support and if you haven't tried them yet......Well, what's taking you?   :)   Try one today and let me know what you think!